Reach The Beach

8 Million
People Visit Ocean City Each Year
250,000 - 500,000
People Reached Each Hour
5 Hours
Average Time People Spend on a Beach Daily
Up To 40 Feet High & 100 Feet Long
Banner Sizes Available
100% Visibility
Only Your Ad is Seen On Each Pull
Rated #1
Source of Beach Advertising Year After Year

About Us

Ocean Aerial was founded in 1982 in Ocean City MD. It started between two brothers and continues to this day to be run by the family.

It began small with 3 banner planes towing up and down the Maryland and Delaware beaches towing anywhere from 5-8 messages on the week days and upwards of 20-30 aerial signs on the weekends. Over the course of time the business has grown and expanded to include larger and more powerful airplanes as well as providing aerial messages for more national and local businesses. Today our company has 9 banner planes that still provide banner towing services along the Maryland and Delaware beaches from Ocean City through Lewes. Our Company flies 7 days a week (weather permitting) from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Weekdays average 30 or more banners and the weekends over 60.

The company provides aerial advertising for national corporations as well as local restaurants and night clubs that can include daily personalized messages such as daily specials, happy hour specials, menu changes, concert events, or any idea that your business venture promotes. Individual messages such as Happy Birthdays, Will You Marry Me’s, Congratulations banners, and more are also an option. Today’s choices for banners include either lettered banners up to 40 characters (not including spaces) or large graphically printed banners that can reach as large as 40 ft wide by 100 ft long. $200 for a 17 minute ride!

Banner towing is a time tested way of advertising. Its ageless appeal has graced the beach goers since the 40’s. Since then it has proven to be the most effective way to reach the masses of tourists during the busy summer months. Whether lying on the beach, splashing in the ocean, or looking out from your condo people are still drawn to look up at the sky and see what messages go by. Call us today to evaluate your company’s needs at the beach. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Thank you.


The Best!


"Still the best way to advertise on the beach! Great people to work with!"

Ocean Aerial Ads is Outstanding!


"Ocean Aerial Ads Inc Berlin, MD is an outstanding company. I called them at 11:30am for a flyover at 6:00pm the same day. They started working on the banner immediately and flew over the restaurant we were eating at. The banner read “Thank you Grandma and Pop for a fabulous 50 years at Ocean City”. My parents are 85 and have been bringing our rapidly expanding family to Ocean City for 50 years. Yes, this is no joke. There were 24 of the 36 members in attendance. Mom and Dad were so over the moon when the banner got close enough for them to read. There wasn’t a dry eye in sight! I highly recommend Ocean Aerials for all your special occasion needs. Thanks again Bob for a job well done... and your pilot too! We waved to him and he tipped his wing to us! We all sent up cheers to him. Sincerely, Vicki Erney"

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